When you take control of your thinking, you take control of your future. Emotions are like waves. You can’t stop them from coming, but you can decide which ones to ride.

Life can hand you challenges from time-to-time that will send you reeling on an emotional roller coaster. How we recognize and handle those challenges can help you foster the stamina necessary to weather those emotions and preserve.

The Emotional Reaction Cycle

So, what is this cycle of emotion that can send us for a wild ride and exhaust us to the point we want to give up?

The Emotional Reaction Cycle as I call it, is a seven-stage rollercoaster of emotion anyone who has started a great endeavor (like a business) will be familiar with.

You’ve sparked an idea, elated with excitement, then frustrated with obstacles, shock, denial, fear, anger, resentment, and then… quit. On to the next idea. Sound familiar?

We’ve all seen it a million times and as the world turns so will this human behavior cycle.

However, you can change. You can catch yourself, recognize the stages, and give yourself the grace necessary to say it’s ok. You’re in the cycle. You’re going to ride this through.

The key is speed.

Attitude Emotional Cycle Chart

Once you figure out how you can tackle the emotional cycle faster you will be more successful.

If you camp out in fear and frustration for days, weeks, months, or God forbid years, it will put a locked-tight lid on your potential.

It shuts down your capacity for success because you’re stuck in this repetitive cycle emotionally.

Today, I am going to give you the key to maneuver quickly. The one guaranteed step to take to ensure you navigate this wave of emotion to the other side.

businesswoman hand holding wooden cube with goal text on table

The Guaranteed Solution

It’s not a matter of if, but when you go through these “growing pain” phases.

Everyone has gone through them; however, you want your process to be fast! The faster you go through the cycle the more successful you’ll be!

Self-coaching is defined as the conversation you are having in your mind daily. How would you like to be your own best coach?

You are acting your way into a feeling. Often, we know what to do but don’t want to do it.

So what conversations are you having in your head? What are you saying to yourself?

The next time you feel stuck, you are going to ask yourself this question: What is my next most effective step right now?

For example, working out is a challenge for you. You have a daily struggle getting yourself motivated to go workout. The battle in your mind is real!

I have found that asking myself the question, “What is my next best step?” engages the sub-conscience mind to go to work on the answer, moving you in the direction you want to go. Your next best step might just be changing into workout clothes.

The power of self-coaching is taking small steps. Like small-small steps. Small steps are not hard. It’s just the like the phrase “eating an elephant one bite at a time.” Small steps turn into bigger momentum, which turns into big accomplishments.

Finally, I would encourage you to take your next best steps. Small wins build. This helps you maneuver through fear and frustration much faster.

Have you ever heard the phrase Action Trumps Fear?

By doing so, you are getting rid of that fear! Action is going to give you the results you are looking for.