Hey there, gorgeous souls! Janelle here, your trusty Senior Sales Director at Mary Kay and self-proclaimed “Emotion Surfing Instructor.” Today, I’m diving into the ocean of emotions and showing you how to ride those waves like a pro! 🌊✨

First off, let’s talk about the Emotional Cycle. It’s like a rollercoaster, right? But instead of screaming in fear (or maybe along with it), let’s figure out how to zip through it with flair! The truth is, camping out in Fearville or Frustration Town does nothing but slam a big, heavy lid on our potential. And who needs that?

Step 1: Become Your Own Best Coach

Did you know that the pep talks you give yourself are game-changers? I’m not just talking about the usual “You got this, girl!” but really diving deep. Each morning, when those self-doubts start to whisper, ask yourself this crucial question: “What is my next most effective step right now?”

For instance, when my alarm buzzes at dawn (way too early, if you ask me), I don’t leap out of bed ready to hit the gym. Nope. My first step is usually a sleepy shuffle to the bathroom because, well, nature calls. Then, it’s toothbrush time. And before you know it, I’m lacing up my sneakers, ready to conquer the treadmill. Small steps lead to big strides, my friends!

This principle applies perfectly to our Mary Kay journey too. When you see that list of lovely ladies waiting for your magic touch, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small. Make a list, begin with the “A”s, and move forward from there. Baby steps, remember?

Step 2: Vision is Your Superpower

Vision isn’t just a goal; it’s the stunning picture of your life that you paint in your mind. It’s the fuel that drives you through adversity. My “Aha!” moment came at a seminar where I saw women just like us rocking their lives. That’s when I decided I wanted more – more success, more joy, more choices. What’s your vision? Keep it crystal clear and let it guide you each day.

Step 3: Time Management is Your Secret Weapon

Ever heard the saying, “You’ll never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it”? That’s gospel truth right there. Use a weekly plan sheet, plot out your days, and prioritize the things that truly matter. Remember, investing your time wisely changes not just your life, but also the lives of those around you.

Step 4: Add Value and Influence People

In the wise words of John Maxwell, “Significance is when you add value to others.” This is your mantra. Ask yourself three questions: How soon does it matter? How much does it matter? How long does it matter? Focus on what adds the most value, not just what keeps you busy.

And here’s the fun part – parties! They’re not just about fun and makeup; they’re where you create your future, build relationships, and make a real impact. Prioritize these and watch your Mary Kay journey transform.

The Takeaway

So, lovely surfers of life, remember these steps: coach yourself, keep your vision sharp, manage your time like a boss, and always aim to add value. Do these, and you’ll navigate through those emotional waves like a pro, heading straight to the shores of success!

Until next time, keep shining, keep smiling, and remember – life’s a wave, and you’ve got the best board to ride it!