My Story

Janelle on the move

My Journey with Mary Kay started early having used their products my entire life.

I decided to start my career with Mary Kay initially because I thought it would be a fun way to earn extra income.

As my business grew, I knew it was going to take a full-time commitment to achieve my dreams of being my own boss. I took the leap in 2004 to make the Mary Kay business my full-time career.

The day I turned in my resignation at work, my co-workers couldn’t believe that I was leaving to go work for myself. Their doubts gave me a drive to prove that it was possible.

Just a few months later, I had already grown my team large enough to become a Sales Director and earn my first car. Since then, my team and I have earned NINE FREE Mary Kay cars! Mary Kay has spoiled me with both quarterly and annual prizes, including diamonds and a FREE cruise to the Caribbean!

My unit consistently sells over a quarter of a million dollars in revenue annually since 2006!

Thanks to Mary Kay, I have gained confidence, new life-long friendships, new experiences, and personal financial freedom. I am blessed with the opportunity to wake up each morning to empower and help other women look and feel their best!

I am passionate about coaching, encouraging and equipping women leaders in today’s market for flexibility and financial freedom.

I specialize in:

  • Lifestyle & Beauty Consulting
  • Business Training
  • Motivation Life Coaching
  • Small Business Planning
  • Money Management
  • Time Management

Mary Kay, is a US based, privately owned, beauty and skin care corporation, with annual wholesale sales of US $3.25 billion. We are in thirty-eight markets globally. Through the Mary Kay Foundation, we have raised over US $74 million dollars for two causes: fighting cancer and violence against women.