2020 was a mind-blowing year in many ways. A global pandemic, an uncertain election, and so much change, blessings, and lessons learned. Here are a few of those inspiring blessings and sometimes hard lessons I had during this unforgettable year.

I learned this year that change can be easy if you’re willing to do the challenging work to learn a new skill. It certainly takes a lot of patience and time to learn how to run a traditionally face-to-face business virtually. I’m so glad I didn’t admit defeat.

Inspiring Blessing & Hard lessons was moving to a virtual only business was a challenge accepted and beaten.

I’m forever grateful I was still able to work through the pandemic and have a business. So many others were less fortunate.

Earlier this year I had a rare accident, a rose thorn pricked my finger causing an infection. I had to go through my first surgery, learn to trust the physical therapy process, and learn to use my finger again after surgery. 🌹

Knowing I could get healthy during a shutdown and lose a substantial amount of weight without needing my gym membership was a blessing and a lesson. I was able to take time for myself and do what was necessary for self-care.

This year I met my personal fitness goals

A blessing that came from a slower paced schedule was that I was able to meet my parents for daily walks with the dogs. 🐕

Another huge inspiring blessing this year was finding love. My life is forever blessed and changed. ❤️ We had a mutual friend highly suggest that we meet. I met Rob in late August, and it couldn’t have been better timing. While it’s only been a few months together now, life feels so complete with him in it.

Inspiring Blessing of Finding Love

Lastly, my family had a huge scare. My brother underwent an open-heart surgery and double bypass. In that moment we had complete reliance on God, that my brother would recover and thank God, he did.

Inspiring Blessing of Family

All these things happened during a worldwide pandemic. A year I will never forget.

This year made me reaffirm my belief that all things are possible with God, timing is everything, and you may not get what you expect — it just might be better.

I am hopeful and optimistic for this next year, and all the new blessings and lessons it will afford us. I hope your new year is filled with many new blessings and positive lessons as well.